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How Do I Find the Best Car Accident Lawyer in San Diego?

Finding the best San Diego Car Accident Lawyer to handle your case is not as easy as it seems. Lawyer advertisements are literally everywhere – park benches, buses, phone books, billboards, TV, radio, internet, google, etc., etc. Lawyer advertisements literally scream at consumers from virtually everywhere. So, how do you find the best lawyer for your case?

TV Lawyers

Lawyers who run lots of advertisements on TV may not even handle your case. We have seen big TV advertising lawyers who work to get you to call their office, yet they don’t even handle your case. One big TV advertising law firm is even named for a lawyer who doesn’t even practice in California. Instead of the TV star, you are getting help from a lawyer who has only been out of law school for a few years. While there can be good attorneys who advertise on TV, our question to a smart consumer is, who is handling your case day-to-day? Is the firm so busy that they are just trying to turn over cases to pay for all the TV advertisements, or will your car accident case be handled aggressively by an experienced lawyer?

Pay Per Click Lawyers

The big internet search companies learned from the phone book companies that one of the best ways to make money is by getting lawyers to advertise. Pay-per-click for lawyers in competitive markets can be hundreds of dollars for just a single click. Imagine that, you click a button, a lawyer spends $100!

But are these the best lawyers to use for your case? This really comes down to their level of service. A lot of great San Diego lawyers use pay-per-click as a part of their strategy to find clients that need help with a car accident case. What is important when you click on one of these advertisements and fill out a form to get a consultation is how fast are you contacted? When we get a submission to our website we send an email and try to immediately call the potential client. That means you get on the phone with an experienced car accident lawyer quickly who will answer your questions. If you get a quick contact back, that is probably a good sign.

The Call Back Test

One way to find a great lawyer for your case is to use the call back test. Find a lawyer that you think will work for you and call them. Ask to talk to the actual lawyer – not just a receptionist or case manager. Can you get the lawyer on the phone to run through the facts of your case with you? If you leave a message, do they call you back within only a few hours or at least the same day? If not, move on because the best lawyers are involved in their cases and take the time to work through all of a client’s questions during a consultation. Remember, your “free consultation” should be with an actual lawyer, not just a case manager.


One essential question to ask when looking for the best San Diego, California car accident lawyer is how many trials has the lawyer taken to final verdict? It is absolutely critical to find an experienced trial lawyer. This is even more important when the car accident has left someone with significant injuries. A trial lawyer will know how to work up a case. The right way to work up a case is to prepare it for trial. If the lawyer has not taken a significant number of cases to trial (at least 20), move on and find someone who has better experience.

Are You Comfortable with Your Lawyer?

It is essential to find a lawyer who will not only provide personal service to a client’s case, but also find a lawyer who you like. Remember that this is the person who will present your case to a jury if an insurance company refuses to settle your case. When you meet the lawyer for the first time, ask yourself if you can picture him or her presenting your case to a jury. Chances are, if they are personable and likable, a jury will like them too.

Get Help From a San Diego, California Car Accident Lawyer

To find a San Diego Car Accident Lawyer to help with your case or for a free case review, contact us by calling (619) 377-4660. An attorney will speak to you about your case for free. Once we are hired to work on your case, you do not owe us a fee unless we obtain compensation for you.

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